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How can Students make money

is not as much difficult as we all are considering it. Some poor people search on the Internet to find the possible ways to earn money online but they lead to some scam sites, which are ready to hunt them instantly. Scam sites usually ask them to pay some money to them and they’ll provide the Account which will help them to earn money online, but the question is how Can students really make money in Pakistan? Here is the detailed answer with few popular methods that are mostly used by Pakistani students to earn extra money online. Every student whether male or female can take this article as major guidance if he/she wants to have a part-time or full-time online career along with their studies. We’ll be sharing every bit of information with you in this regard.
Things you need to Earn Money Online in Pakistan:
  • Should know how to operate computer and internet.
  • Should understand and write English. At least basic LEVEL.
  • You should have a consistent and hardworking personality.

Method #1. Earning via Blogging

Select an Idea for blog or website?
If you want to earn online you first need to know what you want to do on the website or blog online. Here are few ideas that you may like.
Start a news website. You can take the news from TV. As soon as news appears post it on you blog before anyone else do.
Provide information services. Like how to do things, how to repair stuff, what’s new is coming, advantages, disadvantages and review about products.
Make a celebrity blog, talk about films, release dates, hero, heroines, scandals and more.
Make a sms or poetry blog.
Jobs, funny pictures, technology are also good ideas.
Everything works on internet if is done in a good way
How you will get paid in blogging?
By doing blogging students can make money online using display Advertisements such as Google Adsense, Infolinks, AdWager, Chitika and many more. Also they can use direct Advertisement on their sites such as BuySellAds, Telenor, Jazz, Ufone & Pepsi etc.
Things to remember?
In blogging you can never copy content from other websites, instead you’ll write and create everything by yourself. And this is the most important thing. However, you can take idea from any website/blog already existing on the internet.
It will not be easy to earn legally so you have to work day and night and implement new ideas.
You can do anything about any country and its people.
Don’t think of money for the first 3 months just focus to get average 1000 visitors daily. If you get that target you will get money as well.

Method #2 . Earning via Freelancing

Freelancing is the best alternative of Blogging. In Freelancing you have to join some sites like or These sites have lots of people who need guys on rent to do specific work for them like writing articles, making logos or other services. They’ll provide you a contract on a Specific Rate. You’ve to complete that contract within the time limit. After submitting your work, you’ll be given the specific charges for the work which you provided.

Method # 3. Earning via YouTube

You can earn money online in Pakistan with YouTube too. However, YouTube’s Partnership program is not available in Pakistan but if you do real and genuine work like creating your own Video Tutorials, Reviewing Websites or Products like cell phones, Tablets then surely you can become a YouTube Partner in Pakistan.
Be cautious of Scam, “Registration Money”
Many websites claim to be advertising agency’s with connections to various companies in Pakistan. They try to attract people into the concept of free cash, namely, by offering money to display ads on websites and blogs. But in fact, they are just scam sites and take money from people without giving any results. So be aware of such companies and websites. If you want to earn money then its free and always will be. Don’t pay to anyone for any kind of account, because all earning accounts are free including Google Adsense. You can however, buy training videos from people, but check their own skills and reputation before buying anything from them.
Let me know in comment section if you have questions or more Earning Methods for students in Pakistan.

How to Earn Money Google Adsense

“How to make an Adsense account in Pakistan?“, this becomes sometimes a headache for me to answer everybody  for this question, because repeatedly asked things make me mad and that’s why I call myself “Pareshan”. everything is simply written and guided by Adsense team themselves on different help pages. However, majority of people don’t waste a little bit time to read Google’s own introduction and overview to their particular product such as Adsense etc. Recently, while I was making a complete DVD course in Urdu called “4 Consistent Ways to Make Money online in Urdu”, Adsense was also the part of the series, therefore, I separated some of the videos to be shared for free on this blog. And here I’m with that tutorial on how to apply for an Adsense account when you are living in Pakistan with a video tutorials series in Urdu, which is however very simple thing to do, but as people request me everyday, so I can now redirect them to this post :).

Adsense is considered the KING among all other PPC ad networks, but one thing must be made sure that this is not a making money machine, this is an advertising program run by Google which was actually designed and developed to help website owners monetize their quality websites or web pages. Remember, this is not and was never developed for crappy or garbage kind of content. Let me explain you further.

How does Adsense work?

Adsense is the front side of Google’s “Adwords” Program, in Google Adwords, Google receives Adverts from the advertisers who Pay to Google for displaying their ads on different websites focusing their “Keywords” and by Geographical locations. So then Google displays the ads via their another program for Publishers called “Adsense“. Google will display ads upon the keywords were searched over their search engine. In other words, Adsense will show the best relevant ads on the publisher’s website if there is enough original “Content” with specified keywords.
So how come you claim, that you’ll get an Adsense account without a website having original and keyword based content? you’ll only get an Adsense account if you have enough original content over your website. Which must be of course, created by You.
People like you and me, who use Google Adwords for advertising campaigns, are paying Google because they want results back for their business, they do not waste their money (They are much wiser than me and you), so have you ever thought that your site is that good which can help the advertisers find their customers? if that is not the case then kindly consider your own pocket for spending money using Adwords and not getting the results back.

How will Adsense approve your application?

If you are located in Pakistan and you want to create an Adsense account from here. You are most welcomed by Google, but please keep in mind that Adsense has a clear and transparent policy for its all publishers, which is a little bit more strict for Pakistani publishers. So if you are really serious to work with Adsense for a long time period then have these steps done before applying for an Adsense account:
  • Create a website with a top level domain name i.e .com or .net etc (blogspot will not work easily)
  • Have at least 40 articles (Original) published in it
  • Work at least 3 months consistently to make it useful for the users (Looking for information)
  • Make your site design very simple and professional which also loads fast
  • Try to work more on SEO side and drive traffic from search engines (100 to 200 Per day)
  • Never go negative, always think positive (Google is much smarter than you)
  • After 3 months, go for Adsense if you are meeting the above criteria
  • If you are still not getting what am I saying above then here is the video tutorials series for you in Urdu:

To make this post summarized, I was letting you know to work with Google Adsense properly and to get an Account easily. However, let me tell you one important point, you can never ever cheat Adsense or Google. They will detect your mistake sooner or later. So better you go the right way which is guided by Google itself.
You can get help for all your questions related to Adsense by visiting its official blog or you can go to the program policies page, just write in Google “Adsense program policies” and you’ll find the localized link for simplified program policies.
Let me know if you have any question or anything that was confusing you for a long time, today is your day to ask and get replied by me over this post anything related to Adsense only

Top 5 High Earning Alternatives to BuySellAds

If you haven’t yet heard about BSA “” then let me introduce it to you via this post. BSA is a direct banner advertising company where you can send your website for approval and then when your site is approved, you can easily insert their empty add banners to your site/blog. So advertisers will buy the empty space on your site and will put their ad for a 30 days period, this is because BSA offers banners on monthly bases, this program is not similarly like Adsense, but it has more potentials than Adsense once your site is get approved by BSA. So its something bigger than Adsense, but the hardest thing is getting an approval. Because BSA has more strict requirements than Adsense. Creating an account with BSA is very simple as 1,2,3 and also you can submit your site very easily.
buysellads alternatives
So here on this post we are actually gonna discuss the alternatives to BuySellAds not BSA itself. If you have tried to get your site approved by BSA and you haven’t succeeded in that then here are some great alternatives out there which can help you to monetize your website/blog in order to make money with it. There are many alternatives available to this program. But we’ll make sure to select the best and High Paying Alternatives to in order to make good money.

Top 5 Alternatives to BuySellAds

Here is the list of the alternatives one by one with a little bit description of each program you can use to monetize your content, however, each program has different program policies. Before this list, we also had shared a list of “20 Good Alternatives to Adsense” you might also have read that post, but now here is the list of top 5 alternatives to BSA:

#1. Google Adsense

If you were trying to get an approval from BSA and you failed to do so, then Adsense is the #1 alternative to BuySellAds, BSA has many requirements i.e high traffic, great website design and many more, while Adsense is not that restricted as BSA is. So if you haven’t got BSA approval then go for Adsense with easy steps and create your account if you think your content is meeting the criteria of Adsense.
Adsense Criteria: 
  1. Your Site must have at least 200 to 300 daily visitors
  2. You must have unique and quality content on your site
  3. Your site must be complete and not under construction
  4. Your Site Must comply with Adsense Program Policies
  5. Your Site Must adhere to Adsense Terms & conditions (Localized)
So the above are few simple requirements you need before applying for Google Adsense, while if you a website (not blogspot) and have fresh content on it then you may easily get Adsense account, here is the link to apply for Adsense:


This is without doubts the second major alternative to BSA, PublicityClerks is a network same like BuySellAds where you’ll first have to create an account and then add your site for approval, within a week you’ll get a notification via email for your site’s status whether its approved or disapproved, but if you have a good site/blog then PublicityClerks will easily approve your site within 3 working days. Its a new ad network and competitor of BSA therefore it accepts small blogs and websites quickly.
PublicityClerks Criteria: 
  1. Your site must be finished and not under construction
  2. Your site must have at least 10 articles
  3. Your site must receive at least 600 Page impressions daily
  4. Your Site must comply with PublicityClerks program policies
  5. Your Site must be in English
Here is the link to create an account with PublicityClerks:


Infolinks has recently introduced many features for its publishers, therefore, it comes 3rd alternative in my list. Infolinks provides you link ads within text content as well as pop up ads and link units. If you have some text over your website/blog then It will easily accept your site into their network and you’ll start making money online today. The earning is all depends on your traffic and visitors, the more visitors you have the more you’ll earn. Moreover, you can add as many sites as you want to Infolinks account.
Infolinks Criteria: 
  1. Your site must have text content
  2. Your site must comply with Infolinks policies
  3. Your site must have original content
Here is a tutorial in Urdu to learn about Infolinks:

#4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is another great way to make money with your website. By using affiliate banners you can get a commission when someone clicks that link appearing on your website and then sign up for that product you are promoting, you get a commission of 30% to 60% out of the actual price of that product or service. There are many affiliate programs you can join according to your content and the topic of your website. The requirements for joining affiliate marketing is just having a website or blog.
Here is the list of some affiliate websites: 
There are so many other companies who provide you free to join affiliate program. And here is a complete tutorial in Urdu for learning affiliate marketing with video tutorials.

#5. Chitika Ads

This is the final alternative to BuySellAds, if any of the above methods did not work then you can use Chitika to earn some extra money with your blog/site, but again this all depends on the traffic/visitors you receive on your website, if you have thousands of visitors then you can make a smart income even with Chitika. Chitika will accept your site with no restrictions, but at least you must have some traffic on your site in order to be approved by them.
Let us know if you have questions or suggestions, post your favorite network in the comment section with which you want to make money online. Thank YOU!

20 Good Alternatives to Google Adsense

Most of you aware of Google Adsense which is one of the best PPC network among the advertising networks, but what if somehow you violate Adsense program policies & your account got disabled, you’d feel very sad having lost your Adsense account, but if you are receiving good traffic on your website/blog then there are many alternatives out there which you can use in order to still earn money from your online content. Sometimes you despite trying many times don’t get an Adsense account approval, so in that case you can also use below listed alternatives. Moreover, many of these alternatives may be used together with Adsense.

In Online Advertising race, Adsense is the king of all PPC networks which gives you power to empower yourself & your family by producing quality & original content for the web, and in return you can get the most potentials using Adsense pay per click ads. Here are some great features of Adsense:
  • The Highest CTR (Click Through Rates) [according to ads implementation]
  • The Highest CPC (Cost Per Click)  [according to the content type]
  • The faster payments [Within 30 days]
  • The Easiest payment methods [including Western Union]
  • Displays The Most Relevant Ads [according to content & keywords]
  • Very Close Statistics & reports
  • A lot of helpful resources for publishers
  • No traffic limitations
  • No specific readership is required
So these are some of the advantages which Adsense provides to its publishers and I think, these are enough. However, Adsense has a very strict program policy which one must adhere in order to be a partner with Google Adsense for a long time. Therefore, sometimes a policy violation may disable your account in minutes. And if your appeal for reactivation is also rejected by Google then you are no longer eligible to participate in the Adsense program.
Therefore, people who have established large websites and have worked for years on building their websites and traffic get deeply disappointed when their Adsense account is taken down by Google. They go here and there to find the solution for reactivation of their account but, when they realize their account wouldn’t be activated back, they decide to either leave blogging or sell their websites to someone. This is not a good approach, instead we should always try to find alternative solution for our business. And this post is therefore.
If you’re receiving a very good amount of traffic on your site/blog and your adsense account has been disabled then you can try out some closer alternatives to Google Adsense, Here is the list I have for you.

Top Adsense Alternatives For 2013

Here is the list of Google Adsense’s alternatives for 2013-2014 year, however, the BuySellAds & tribal fusion require some specific requirements for approval, but the rest are very easy to use and accept you instantly.

#1. BuySellAds

Buysellads is a direct advertising network which you can use to sell available empty ad spaces on your website. Advertisers will directly buy your ad space via BSA and BSA will be sending you the payments. The ads are sold not on the basis of PPC (Pay Per Click) method, but they are sold for a month or more time. If you have a website/blog which is having a professional design, fresh content and at least 20,000 monthly page impressions then BSA is the best alternative for you. with BSA you can earn more than Adsense if you have a great website or blog.

#2. Tribal Fusion

This is also a great alternative to Adsense but you can not easily become a Publisher of Tribal Fusion because they have some particular requirements which you must meet in order to get into their community. The first and must thing is; your site should have 500,000 monthly impressions. However, if you became a publisher then it can give you more revenue than Adsense. Read the complete requirements 

#3. Exit Junction

This website is also working fine for those who have a good amount of traffic, Exit Junction works in a different way for your website. When a visitor will be leaving your site; it will show a pop up window to the visitor and a relevant ad will inside the pop up, so if the visitor clicks the ad, you’ll be paid for that. This works really simple. And it works for both large websites and small websites or even for blogs. So must give it a try.

#4. Infolinks

Infolinks is also a PPC network which works now best for text-based sites as well as other content such as images, videos etc. Before it was only displaying text ads, but now you can insert banners & pop ups as well. Western Union option is also available to withdrow payment from Infolinks. Minimum payout is $100 same as Adsense.

#5. Chitika

Chitika is an PPC ads network which is working for last few years. This network also pays you payments via Paypal, checks and bank wires. However, there is no specific requirements to become a publisher with Chitika. Just go to their website and register your blog and insert their ads. It has been considering the one of the alternatives to Adsense.

#6. Clicksor

Clicksor is the last option if the above mentioned networks don’t work for you. Clicksor pays you for the clicks on the ads which are displayed by Clicksor on your website. It offers both banner and text ads also pop up ads. The click through rate is usually .02 cents. For decent traffic it is also a good alternative. many websites and small blogs are earning a very good amount with clicksor. You should also give it a try if you don’t have Adsense account.

More Great Alternatives to Adsense:

#9. Media.Net (Yahoo & Bing Ads) 
#19. Affiliate Marketing (Hostgator,Bluehost,Theme-junkie etc)
#20. Direct Banners
All the above alternatives are either PPC (Pay Per Click) ad networks or banner ads. So you can just visit their websites one by one and if you find one of them fits for your content then just create a publisher account there.
Final words: 
Earning with website only depends on the type of traffic you receive. If you are a professional man/woman in creating stylish websites and producing original content which is also useful for the world then you won’t face any difficulty for finding earning ways with your content. The creativity and real work always bring money.
Let me know what do you think of these alternatives? and if you have more alternatives then do share them in comment section. Be peaceful and have a great care of yourself :D.

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